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You Don’t Have As Much Control As You Think

You Don’t Have As Much Control As You Think

One of the gifts of the pandemic is that we have had to face the realization that we don’t have as much control as we think. This realization was stressful at first but is ultimately empowering.

Go With The Flow

Realizing that you can only control how you respond helps you to go with the flow of life. For example, those who are trying to get things back to exactly the way they were before are struggling far more than those who have accepted that they need to create a new normal.

You Innovate More

Although we must accept what we can and cannot control, we can continue to make plans with measurable milestones. With the understanding that change is constant, you will be more open to finding innovative alternatives when a change occurs that impacts your plan. Again, this is life going with the flow, often leading you to a powerful alternative.

Let Others Be

As your acceptance of what you can and cannot control widens it will include accepting that you can’t control your nearest and dearest. It’s a tough one as we want what is best for those we love, but you will begin to realize that you interrupt their flow when you impose your desires on them. There is power in figuring it out yourself.

Here’s to adapting as life continues to change!

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