Three Ways To Optimize Your Breathing

Three Ways To Optimize Your Breathing

Breath is our lifeblood which is why deep breathing is a part of every meditation practice. Here are 3 ways to optimize your breathing for relaxation and the releases of toxins and stress.

Let It All Out

When we exhale, we expel carbon dioxide from our body, but since our natural breathing is shallow—we never let it all out. By exhaling slowly and fully at least 10 times in a row you can release more of the toxins in your body. To make this practice more meditative, inhale slowly for a count of 4, pause for 4 seconds, then exhale slowly and fully for a count of 4. You can alternate filling up your lungs and belly.

Good Vibrations

It might feel funny the first few times you do an “Om” yoga breath, but there is a reason. The Om sound creates an internal vibration that helps to balance and soothe your body from the inside out. Om is also a universal sound and repetitive chanting will help you align with the universe.

Stress Relieving Sigh

We’ve all let out an audible sigh, but it is something most of us do only in private. However, the sound of your sigh is your body’s natural way of releasing physical tension and stress. So, instead of holding it in, let it out. If you must, wait until you get home to practice deep breathing with a sigh.

Here’s to breathing for improved mind, body, and spiritual connection!

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