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Social Distancing 4th of July

Social Distancing 4th of July

Heading to a local fireworks show is a family tradition for many, but one you may be skipping this year due to social distancing. Not to worry as you can still have a fun and memorable 4th of July!


If you haven’t yet, head online or to the store to stock up on fun flag, stars, and red, white, and blue decorations. Also, look for a few fun arts and crafts that you can do together as a family the day of.

Find A Few New Recipes

Head online to find new Independence Day recipes. From fun new drinks to desserts, grilled recipes, backyard picnic foods, and even a gourmet S’mores recipe.

Spend The Day Outside

If you have a yard, spend the day outside in the sunshine. Plan a few outdoor games and activities, set up the tent in the backyard to lounge and enjoy some shade, watch a movie outside, and build a fire when the sun goes down.

Buy A Few Fireworks

If fireworks are legal in your area do yours at home this year. Organize with your neighbors so that you can socially distance watch their fireworks while they go off. If fireworks aren’t legal at least get a few sparklers.

Have a fun and safe July 4th!

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