Here’s What To Do If Your Hair Is Dry

Here’s What To Do If Your Hair Is Dry

If your hair is dry you must revise your haircare routine ASAP, or things will only get worse. Here is what to do if your hair is dry, brittle, damaged, or has lost its shine.

Ask Your Hair Stylist

The first thing you should do is determine what is causing your dry hair. If you aren’t sure what it is head, to your salon and ask your hairstylist. Trimming off the dead ends will help, and you can request a deep conditioning treatment to kick things off. Be prepared, as you may be instructed to pause heated styling tools, color, bleach, and relaxers. You may even be advised to do a big chop.

Invest In New Products

You’ll definitely need to invest in at least a few products. For example, you may not be using an effective product to protect your lovely locks from heat styling. Your stylist will guide you, but you may also want to start doing a hot oil treatment before you shampoo, co-wash every other time, apply a hair mask once a week, or start taking a daily healthy-hair vitamin. If you have curly hair and haven’t yet upgraded to curly hair products now is the time—but even if your hair isn’t curly, curly care products will be gentle for your dry and damaged hair.

Here’s to restoring your hair!

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