Bored With Your Home Décor?

Bored With Your Home Décor

You may love your furniture and the layout of your rooms, but might be bored with your home décor. These tips will help you make your home look and feel more like you.

Paint The Walls

If your walls are currently white, consider painting them a color that contrasts with the art on your walls or the primary colors in each room. If your walls are a color you’ve grown tired of, consider switching to a shade of white or a neutral such as grey. Don’t forget to explore your options in decorative wallpaper, some of which are temporary and can be applied in rentals.

Swap Our The Wall Art

I recently swapped out my wall art and it made a world of difference. It was fun to shop as I browsed local artists, Etsy artists, and found some really fun prints at Art.com. To minimize my expenses, I reused several of my existing frames and had mats recut to the appropriate size. Yes, you can have mats cut without the full cost of professional framing!


Another way to transform your room is to remix and invest in new accessories. This includes new throw pillows, lamps, vases, area rugs, shelf art, plants, and more. You don’t necessarily need to invest in everything new, as even a few small changes can have a major impact. Consider new decorative groupings, a new color theme, or adding texture.

Here’s to keeping your house as beautiful as it is comfortable!

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