How Gratitude Can Improve Intimacy

How Gratitude Can Improve Intimacy

We have all heard of gratitude practices, such as a daily gratitude journal—but have you ever considered the role of gratitude in your relationships? Gratitude can be of benefit to all your personal relationships, but as for your romantic relationship gratitude can improve intimacy.

Express Your Gratitude

As you write in your daily journal and include things you are grateful to your partner for, be sure you let them know. This is a misstep that many of us make, but acknowledging the little things they do and say will deepen and strengthen your connection. As a positive ripple effect, your partner will be more likely to share the little things you do that they appreciate.

Deeper Connection Leads To Intimacy

Intimacy isn’t just about sexual attraction, but emotional connection. In the early stages of a relationship we are open about what we love and appreciate in our partner, but as time goes on we fall into a groove and expect the little things—or begin to take the little things for granted. This is one of the less obvious reasons that intimacy can begin to decline.

In other words, to improve your intimacy, connection, and sex life start making gratitude a regular part of your relationship.

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