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Yes, You Should Eat Before You Work Out

You Should Eat Before You Workout

With the exception of working out first thing in the morning, working out while hungry or fasting is not of benefit. So yes, you should eat before you work out.

Hunger Decreases Energy And Focus

It doesn’t matter what you are trying to focus on, if you are hungry it will be harder to get in the zone. In addition to the focus required for a quality workout, you simply won’t have the energy or endurance required to give it your all. If you are intermittent fasting, schedule your workouts accordingly.

2 to 3 Hours Before Is Ideal

Schedule your workout 2 to 3 hours after a full meal to provide your body adequate time to digest, ideally no more than 5 hours after eating. If you are hungry and don’t have 2 to 3 hours to wait, eat or drink a small snack. For example, have a slice of cheese, some yogurt, or toast with peanut butter after work—then workout once they are all set.

Eating After Is Always Ok

As soon as you are done working out you need to hydrate. If you are hungry go ahead and eat a well-balanced meal. If you trained hard, but aren’t hungry, talk with your personal trainer or nutritionist to discuss your protein recovery snack, smoothie, or meal.

Here’s to quality workouts!

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