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How To Get Your Mind Off Of Something

How To Get Your Mind Off Of Something

Even if it something that needs to be worked through, we must not allow worry to consume us. The truth is most of the things we ruminate about aren’t things we should be giving much energy to. Here’s how to get your mind off of something.

Put It In Perspective

To put your worry into perspective, consider if your worry is real. We can convince ourselves that playing out every worst-case scenario is being proactive, but it’s counterproductive. It wastes valuable energy and time that could be invested in the present moment. If your worry is real, consider if it is something you can control. For example, you can’t control anyone else’s thoughts, beliefs, feelings, or decisions.

Make A Short-Term Plan

Before you waste the day away with worry, create a short-term plan. This might include who you need to reach out to, research to complete, a timeframe, and even how long you will dedicate to worry today.

Do Something Else

Whether it’s a decision at work that you need to figure out by the end of the day or a personal worry a week or month away, do something that will get your mind off of it for a while. Call a friend, read a book, take a walk, head to the gym, or work on another project.

Finally, challenge yourself to consider all that could go right—as well as the unlimited options you can’t even imagine.

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