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Why Walking Has Become So Popular While Social Distancing

Why Walking Has Become So Popular While Social Distancing

Many of us live in cities where we drive almost everywhere we go, and we rarely walk farther than from our car to the home or business we are heading to. But since social distancing began, walking has become so popular almost everyone is walking more.

You Can Walk While Social Distancing

Even in urban areas, there isn’t a lot of foot traffic, which makes it easy for you to walk with your mask on and remain a healthy distance from those who are out and about too.

It’s Easy To Do

Walking is something everyone can do. From a leisurely stroll to a brisk walk, or mild to moderate hiking in one of the many parks that are still open.

Walking Has Many Benefits

Even as cities begin to gradually reopen, most of us remain at home far more than we did before the pandemic. So, when you are feeling stir crazy, a walk can help. You’ll burn calories when you are walking and the change of scene and physical activity has mental health benefits. Walking also gets you up and off of your couch, improving your circulation.

Even a 10 of 15-minute walk will deliver the benefits above. Happy walking!

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