Your At-Home Workout Should Be Fun

Your At-Home Workout Should Be Fun

Your gym workout routine may be fairly repetitive, but you’ll have to mix things up to keep your at-home workout fun. These tips will help.

Classes Are Different Than Equipment

With equipment like a treadmill or a stationary bike you can get in your zone and stay there your entire workout, but if you don’t have fitness machines at home, online classes or a solo routine will be your go-to. While you can still get into a zone without equipment you are more likely to get bored with the videos. Even if you initially enjoyed them, you know what is coming next and you may find you want more variety.

Try New Things

Yoga and Essentrics are weekly workout staples but I mix things up by trying different instructors, alternating between slow and fast-paced classes, and trying out different types of each. However, that’s not enough to keep things fun. To ensure I don’t get bored I add in at least two different workouts a week. This often includes a digital dance class and targeted strength training. I’m also not too ridged about it and do what I feel in the mood to do each day.

Without mixing things up you may not be as motivated to work out from home.

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