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Social Distancing Is A Perfect Reason To Adopt A Pet

Social Distancing Is A Perfect Reason To Adopt A Pet

It’s never a bad time to adopt a pet but there are a few reasons why social distancing makes now the perfect time for a new fur baby.

Demand Is High

Between the loving families who have had to give their beloved pets up because they can no longer afford food or veterinary care to the decrease in adoptions due to sheltering at home—the demand is high. So, if you’ve been thinking of adopting a furbaby explore your local options.

Pets Keep You Busy

You must consider what their care will look like once you begin to head out of the house more regularly than you do now but adopting a new pet will help fill your day. Between feeding, petting, playing, training, and walking them you will fill some of the gaps in your social distancing schedule.  

Pets Are Healthy

Pets are your friend and family, they are loyal and loving, and they provide a sense of purpose and responsibility. They are your companions and studies show that pets can boost your mental, physical, and whole-body health. They are a long-term commitment so make sure you can provide a forever home.

Check your local shelters and local websites for loving families who are looking for a new home for a pet they cannot currently afford to care for.

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