Why COVID Is Inspiring Many People To Move

Why COVID Is Inspiring Many People To Move

It might not seem like the best time, but COVID is inspiring many people to move somewhere new. This goes beyond temporarily leaving hot spots to unexpected but permanent relocation.

Financially-Motivated Moves

With less money coming in, many are moving in with family and friends or moving to less expensive suburbs or cities. Those who would never consider breaking a lease early are negotiating early release terms and slashing their rent and living expenses by relocating.

Continuous Remote Work

Those who have been wanting to relocate for a while, but stayed where they were primarily for work, are taking their layoff as an opportunity to move where they really want to be. People who will continue to work remotely, but still have to go to the office on occasion, are staying nearby—but are ok with a longer commute time. Some of those working for companies offering long-term remote employment are even considering moving to a new state.

Reprioritizing Your Life

Another popular reason for moving is that many of us are taking the time to reprioritize our lives, including if where we currently live meets all our needs. This might means staying in your current city or trying somewhere entirely new. This is often part of a full-on lifestyle shift.

Here are a few best practices for moving during the pandemic.

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