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Why You Should Consider Things That Don’t Resonate With You

Why You Should Consider Things That Don't Resonate With You

Investing your time and energy in things that resonate with you sounds harmless enough, but only doing what resonates can be limiting in a variety of ways.

It Aligns With Your Current Thoughts, Experiences, And Beliefs

When you only do or try things that align with your current lifestyle then you are missing out on things that help you grow and expand your perspective. By all means, trust your gut, but don’t limit yourself to what you already know because variety is the spice of life.

You May Find Something New That You Love

I once had a friend who had never considered aerial workouts but had set an intention to try new things and saw an intro lesson online. It was completely out of her comfort zone and she didn’t think she would like it, but it became a fast new hobby—and a fun new workout.

It Minimizes Diversity

When speaking of your social circle, if you only socialize with people who resonate with you, you limit diversity of every kind. For example, if you are married and don’t make new single friends. Or if you don’t believe you can be friends with someone of a different religion. Or if you don’t believe you can be friends with someone from a different country or culture. You might not think you can be friends with someone because of their career or hobby. We all have more in common than not, so focus on the common ground not your differences.

The biggest challenge here is that you may not even realize that you are limiting yourself, so critical thought is a must.

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