How Long Will Masks Be Required?

How Long Will Masks Be Required

Let’s face it, no one enjoys wearing masks. But it is something small and easy we can do to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. Testing remains limited so you could be asymptomatic and not realize you are putting those around you at risk. Masks are mandatory in many cities and most businesses won’t let you in without one, so if you want to get out and about—it’s a must. But how long will masks be required?

Until Eradication Or A Vaccine

In many areas where COVID has been all but eradicated masks are no longer mandatory, but some still choose to wear them. There are currently about 2 dozen vaccines in clinical trials and another 140 in early-stage production—but even with an accelerated timeline it may take a year or more until a vaccine is approved, and additional time to get it to the masses. We may be wearing masks until then.

Finding A Mask You Like Helps

So far, I have tried 5 different washable masks. I feel far less restricted when the mask I am wearing is comfortable, so identify what works for you. If behind the ear is uncomfortable, get a head strap. If the head strap is too tight, replace it or find a design that ties. If the design that ties slips off, use a bobby pin or barrette. Also, consider how the material feels against your face and select masks as you would a fashion accessory, utilizing them to express your personality.

Here’s to staying healthy and safe!

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