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At-Home Activities With Friends

At-Home Activities With Friends

Many cities are tightening their social distancing back up as COVID begins to spike. This may have you looking for fun ways to entertain small groups at home. Here are a few at-home activities with friends.

  1. Cook a BYOB restaurant-style brunch
  2. Try a few new coffee brewing methods together
  3. Grab your aprons and stream an Airbnb Experience with a chef instructor
  4. Have a potluck, just assign the food category for everyone—appetizer, salad, protein, dessert, etc.
  5. If you have a yard, have a picnic or outdoor BBQ
  6. Order some new games and host game night
  7. Order a few arts and crafts kits and do them together
  8. Hire a digital instructor and do an art and craft together
  9. Invite your active friends over for a workout
  10. Binge watch a TV show or have a movie marathon
  11. Create a themed activity and get dressed up to help break the monotony
  12. Do at-home karaoke—you can find tons of karaoke songs on YouTube
  13. Read a book and host a book club discussion
  14. Listen to a podcast together and host a discussion
  15. Work on a home improvement project together

These are just a few ideas but you’re sure to come up with more on your own!

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