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    100 Percent Is Not The Goal Of Self-Care

    100 Percent Is Not The Goal Of Self-Care

    As you begin to explore healing modalities to help you remain centered, balanced, and connected—you must remember that 100 percent is not the goal of self-care.

    Taking The Edge Off

    Make no mistake, finding a healing modality that works for you can have a major positive impact in all areas of your life. It can decrease your stress, improve focus and clarity, minimize anxiety, and balance your body from the inside out. In trying times, such as the ones we are in now, your self-care routine may only take the edge off, but it’s better than nothing at all. Consistency is key, so you must remain committed.

    Explore Your Options

    When you find what works for you, stick with it, but remain open to exploring new alternatives. For example, yoga introduced me to aromatherapy through incense and essential oils, which I incorporate outside of my yoga practice. Yoga also introduced me to chimes and gongs, which led me to take full sound bath classes, as well as binaural beats and ASMR. Even if it’s just a single class or one-day seminar, continue to explore your options.

    Don’t feel limited while social distancing as you can stream a wide range of live classes, one-on-one self-healing, and at-your-own-pace seminars.

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