Are You Doing Your Affirmations Right?

Are You Doing Your Affirmations Right

While wellness routines must always be personalized in a manner that works best for you, sometimes a tweak or two can have a major impact. Here are the most common mistakes people make when doing affirmations and how to get affirmations right.

Is It What You Want?

Your affirmation must be all about what you want. It is easy to focus on what we think or believe we should want or what others want for us. However, your affirmation should be for a true desire, not an expectation or societal norm. There is no right or wrong to what you desire, but it must be fulfilling and meaningful to you.

Do You Believe It Can Be True For You?

If you want something but don’t yet believe it can be true for you, start smaller. For example, if you want to ease your financial strain, start with a Louise Hay classic, “money comes frequently and easily”. This is general enough that you won’t feel overwhelmed by a specific number goal. This isn’t to say a shift in mindset won’t be uncomfortable at first, it’s a place to start.

Finally, you must be consistent, stating your affirmations daily or anytime you are in a relevant situation.

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