The Rise Of The 10-Minute Workouts

The Rise Of The 10-Minute Workouts

For decades we’ve been taught that workouts must be in the 30 to the 60-minute range but one of the fastest-growing fitness trends is the 10-minute workout. Here’s why they are here to stay!

Time Is Tight

Schedules are busier than ever so it may be easier to squeeze in 1 to 3 mini-workouts during the day. While they get your heart pumping many won’t leave you breaking a full-on sweat. This means you can do several per day as a quick break in between work or anytime it fits into your busy schedule.

They’re Mobile

Between YouTube, fitness apps, and streaming sites you can take workouts of any length with you everywhere you go. You can mix them in between traditional gym workouts and do them at home, work, while traveling, and even outdoors.

A Quality Workout

Quality over quantity is always the goal when working out, so shorter workouts often target a specific area. Maybe you do your abs in the morning, arms in the afternoon, and lower body in the evening. Or if you are stressed a 10-minute yoga workout can work wonders.

They may not be your full-time fitness routine, but micro-workouts are here to stay!

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