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3 Functional Teas You Should Keep Stocked

3 Functional Teas You Should Keep Stocked

Teas are made from flowers, herbs, and spices that may be delicious, but serve a dual purpose. Here are 3 functional teas you should keep stocked at all times. All 3 of these teas are caffeine-free so you can drink them any time.


Peppermint tea is one of my favorites. It tastes great both hot and cold, and in the summer I cold brew it in a pitcher of water for it’s cooling benefits. It is also the perfect tea to drink to soothe acid reflux and upset stomachs. If your throat is sore, add a bit of honey and lemon to hot peppermint tea.


Chamomile flowers look similar to daisies. While beautiful, when dried these flowers can help you relax any time of day and get a good night’s sleep. The flowers contain a naturally-occurring flavonoid called apigenin, which stimulates the rest and relaxation receptors in your brain.

Ginger Tea

Ginger has a variety of benefits but is most commonly used to soothe nausea and minimize inflammation. You can make ginger tea by boiling 4 to 6 thin slices of fresh ginger, but it may be easier to use dried teabags. Tone down the flavor by adding a bit of honey. These functional teas are all antioxidant-rich and you can steep more than one type of tea at a time. I’ve tried all 3 above in a variety of combinations.

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