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If Vegan And Vegetarian Aren’t Working Add In Some Seafood

If Vegan And Vegetarian Aren’t Working Add In Some Seafood

Whether you’ve made the decision for your health, the environment, or for a variety of reasons—your dietary change may not be fulfilling. If vegan and vegetarian aren’t working add in some seafood.

Healthier Than Many Meats

Seafood is generally higher in Omegas making them a healthier option than red meats. In fact, swapping out red meat for seafood may lower your risk for a variety of cardiovascular concerns. Most seafood is also far lower in fat and less likely to have added chemicals and preservatives. Be mindful though, as some salmon is died to look a darker shade of red, and breading your seafood defeats the purpose. But of course, indulge on occasion.

Finding What Works For You

You may continue to get most of your protein from nuts, seeds, grains, and produce—but if adding in a few servings a week of fish and seafood is more satisfying and fulfilling, do what works for you. Going pescatarian can also make dining with friends, at restaurants, and while traveling far easier. Just like with other meat, ensure you are shopping from ethical sources, including local fish farms.

Here’s to considering being a pescatarian if vegan and vegetarian aren’t working for you!

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