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3 Things You Always Have Control Of

3 Things You Always Have Control Of

In this time of ongoing uncertainty, comes the harsh realization that far less is in our control than we believed just a few months ago. Here are 3 things you always have control of.

Your Thoughts

Whether you are positive or negative, open or closed-minded, pragmatic or dramatic—the choice is always up to you. This includes the thoughts you think related to yourself as well as your thoughts of others and how you translate what people do and say. Begin first with if you are focusing on the positive or the negative, and always ask if there is an alternative to the story you are creating. There always is.

Your Response

How we speak and the actions we take are always within our control. First, consider if you are reacting or responding. You must always trust your gut, but if you are prone to negativity or blowing things out of proportion, you must keep yourself in check. The actions you take now, and in the future, including how you invest your time is entirely within your control.

Your Accountability

You may have a person or two who keeps you in check and points out your areas of opportunity. These are not the people who constantly criticize, but those who thoughtfully and lovingly challenge us to be our best. However, it is ultimately up to you to be accountable for your thoughts, response, and actions.

Here’s to taking control of what you can control!

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