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3 Misconceptions About Strength Training

3 Misconceptions About Strength Training

A balanced weekly routine should contain both cardio and whole-body strength training. Here are the most common misconceptions about strength training.

That You Need Heavy Weights

No need for heavy machinery, unless you want it. You can use your body weight as strength and use 2, 5, or 10-pound weights to be effective. It’s about quality not quantity so make sure you are using proper form, which will also minimize the risk for injury. You can also use barbells and machines, but don’t feel the need to go heavy. You will still achieve results with lower weights and more repetitions. 

That It Doesn’t Count As Cardio

Exercises like squats, lunges, push-ups, and plank will get your heart pumping—meaning your strength day can also double as a day of cardio. However, not all cardio focuses enough on strength. For example, aerobic and dance classes are mostly cardio while Pilates and many types of yoga are combine stretching, cardio, and strength training.

It’s Not About Bulking Up

Don’t worry about bulking up as that requires more than your standard workout. Focus more on tone and definition and the whole-body benefits. From improved bone density to improved blood flow, burning more calories, maintaining and improving balance, and more.

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