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How To Make Your Houseplants Look Their Best

How To Make Your Houseplants Look Their Best

Plants add a beautiful touch of nature to your home. Here his how to make your houseplants look their best.

Learn Their Care Before You Commit

From how much sunlight they require to how frequently they need to be watered and if they have any special care considerations. While many houseplants are easy breezy and only require water once or twice per week, others are a bit more finicky. Ask an expert at the garden store about plant care or perform a quick Google search before you buy.

Understand When They Need To Be Repotted

If growth has slowed or roots are growing through the drainage hole or pushing up through the soil, it is time to repot your plant. I replant most when I get them home, more for the style than anything else. However, this is the best time to repot your plant. You can’t really plant it in a pot that is too big, but be mindful of size and scale in terms of design.

Creating A Cohesive Look

Feel free to mix and match plants of every size, color and leaf shape as they will always look good together. However, the pots and planters they come in are another story. Create a theme when selecting your pots. For example, you could repot everything in white planters. Or find woven baskets in the same color theme, but a variety of designs. Or maybe you find a signature color or pattern and repot accordingly. There is no right or wrong just make it all work together.

Here’s to your beautiful houseplants.

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