Labor Day Backyard Party Ideas

Labor Day Backyard Party Ideas

If you’ll be skipping the Labor Day parade this year head outside and have some family fun. Here are a few backyard party ideas.

Water Party

The weather will start cooling down soon so buy a slip and slide, a few fun sprinklers, water rockets, or water balloons. If you have a swimming pool, invest in a few new floaty toys or games like water volleyball or water basketball.

Outdoor Games

If it’s too cool for water games, plan some outdoor games. Sidewalk chalk can be used to create a handball court, you can play catch, or tag, hide and seek, or order a new game or two that you can play outside.

Outdoor Science Experiment

Feel free to add in a bit of learning while you play outside. Create a Mentos soda rocket, crystal geode, dye flowers, do a fun ice experiment, blow bubbles, or any activity the kids will enjoy. Some experiments are fast while others take time, so plan more than one.

Grill Something Fun

Your kids might not be old enough to manage the BBQ solo, but they can join in on the fun. Maybe roast hotdogs or s’mores, let them create their own fruit, veggie, or meat skewers, or try grilling a new recipe together.  

Happy Labor Day!

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