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Take A Few Quick Minutes To Yourself

Take A Few Quick Minutes To Yourself

Whether your schedule is jam-packed or you have a full house, taking a few quick minutes to yourself can make a world of difference.

A Cup Of Tea

Maybe it’s coffee, maybe it’s tea, or an adult beverage. The point is, steal a few minutes to yourself to sip your beverage of choice without interruption. Try not to check your phone and just relax and enjoy the flavor. Maybe with some fresh fruit, dark chocolate, or another sweet treat.

A Walk Around The Block

If there is not enough time for a long walk, a walk around the block will do. Aim for at least 10 minutes and the only company you should bring with you is your dog. Be mindful as you walk noticing the colors, aromas, and sounds. If you live in a big city where the aromas and sounds aren’t desirable, wear your earbuds and spray on aromatherapy before you head out.

Your Self-Care Modality Of Choice

There are a variety of healing practices you can benefit from with 10 minutes or less. From EFT tapping to self-acupressure, a guided meditation, deep breathing, listening to gongs, and other sound therapy

If you have more time, take it, but with 10 minutes you can find a little bit of peace in your day.

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