What To Do With Unsolicited Advice

What To Do With Unsolicited Advice

Whether personal or professional, unsolicited advice can be helpful or frustrating. Here’s what to do when you are on the receiving end.

Consider It

Our nearest and dearest help to keep us in check, so instead of getting defensive, open your heart and mind and consider if there is something you can learn. If the advice genuinely isn’t right for you, the thought process can tell you a lot about the person giving the advice. They are likely telling you what they would do if they were you, or what they want you to do.

Politely Decline With A Boundary

If the advice is the wrong fit for you or the person won’t drop it, politely decline their advice with a boundary. Maybe something like, “I know you only want what is best for me, but this is what aligns with my values. At the moment input is not helpful.” Or, “It’s ok if you don’t agree with my decision but this is what feels right for me. I would appreciate your support.”

Finally, the advice you receive will help you to better understand who is there for you, who is dreaming big for you, and who wants you to remain where you are—or where they are.

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