Are You Investing Your Time In What Matters Most?

Are You Investing Your Time In What Matters Most

Your schedule might be so busy that you may not realize that you aren’t investing your time in what matters most. 

Write Out Your Top Priorities

Make a list of what and who are your top priorities. This includes your spouse, children, family, values, and any goals you are working on. Don’t think too much during this step, just focus on what is most important to you.

Review Your Schedule

Now it’s time to look at your schedule for the last 3 months, and the next month to see if how you are investing your time aligns with the list you created. If not, it’s time to lighten your load so that you can reinvest your time in your top priorities. This might mean canceling on a few things you have committed to, as well as honoring a few commitments—but making them your last.

Identify The Grey Area

There will always be one-offs and grey areas. For example, you must work to help achieve some of your goals—but how much after-hours time are you committing to work? And are you staying in a job you don’t like it because it is comfortable? Or holidays and events with extended family that you may not enjoy, but also don’t want to miss out on.

Here’s to creating a schedule that is all about you!

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