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Are You Being Honest With Yourself And Others?

Are You Being Honest With Yourself And Others

Without honesty, we can never truly connect and engage with those who matter most. If you’ve seen an episode of Undercover Boss, you also see the positive impact honest insights can have at work. Most of us think of ourselves as being honest, but are you really being honest with yourself and others?

The Little White Lie

Yes, there is a time and a place for little white lies. For example, you don’t want to hurt a friend’s feelings when you decline an invitation to their party because you are uncomfortable with someone who will be in attendance. Maybe another friend of theirs who you are at odds with, who is jealous, or who goes out of their way to push your buttons. A larger conversation may need to occur at some point, but for the moment you can say you are already booked that day and schedule another time to celebrate one-on-one.

The “Keep Them Safe”

When a child is 5 years old and you decide to tell a “keep them safe” lie about grandmas mental health, why you and your partner divorced, or that a loved one is having legal troubles it is likely age-appropriate. However, keeping this lie as they grow into a teenager and adult doesn’t keep them safe, it makes you more comfortable. In fact, “keep them safe” lies often do more damage than good.

Telling the truth may be hard, but it’s easier than keeping a long term lie and all the lies required to support it.

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