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Stress-Related Hair Loss 

Stress-Related Hair Loss

We hear most often of thinning hair or baldness caused by aging, but there are a variety of causes—including stress-related hair loss.

Stress Of Extensions And Tight Hair Styles

With more women turning to weaves, semi-permanent extensions, and even clip-on extensions—hair loss is on the rise. The constant pressure and weight of weaves, extensions, tight braids, and twist can damage and break the hair, as well as place so much pressure on the hair follicles that hair thins or stops growing. Work with your dermatologist to accelerate new growth and your hairstylist to cover the hair loss, as well as find less damaging hairstyles.

Physical Stress And Hair Loss

Both acute and chronic stress can negatively impact the body in a variety of ways. For some, this includes hair loss. Stress places our body in fight or flight mode, increasing our production of the stress hormone cortisol. One of the many downsides of an increase in cortisol is that it can throw our internal regulatory systems off, including transitioning our hair follicles from the growth phase to the rest phase. Again, work with your dermatologist and hairstylist, but managing your stress is essential. Once stress has minimized, your hair should begin to regrow.

Hair loss is far more common than most realize, so don’t be shy about reaching out for help.

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