How To Get Rid Of Jiggly Arms

How To Get Rid Of Jiggly Arms

Jiggly arms don’t have to be permanent. While whole-body weight loss may help you will need to invest a bit of your time in targeted strength training.

Resistance Exercises

You can use weights, elastic exercise bands, and your body weight as resistance. For the fastest results, start doing arm strengthening exercises at least 3 days per week. This can include push-ups and chair dips, but you will work the most muscle groups with a variety of arm exercises. I like Jackie Warner’s pyramid approach as she works the whole body, always targeting the arms.

Cardio Exercise

Any exercise that gets your heart pumping counts as cardio, even your strength training. Regardless of our weight, we must all exercise, incorporating both cardio and resistance training. However, the higher your body mass index, the more weight loss is required to minimize arm jiggle.

Cut The Sugar

Improving your nutrition is one of the fastest and most effective ways of losing more than 30 pounds, so begin by cutting out all refined sugars. Not to worry as you can still enjoy fruit, unsweetened yogurt, and a long list of delicious foods. Start with sugar, then cut out all processed foods. For a personalized approach, work with a nutritionist.

Here’s to your toned arms!

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