Creating More Space In Your Closet

Creating More Space In Your Closet

The more room you have in your closet the easier it will be to get dressed each morning. Not to worry as creating more space in your closet is easy.

Seasonal Items

The fastest way to create more space is to temporarily store seasonal items. Fold them and place them on your higher shelves or place them in containers you store under the bed or in the garage.

If You Forgot It, Let It Go

If an article of clothing was of value to you, you would be wearing it. So, as you come across clothing and accessories you forgot about, let them go.

If You Don’t Wear It, Let It Go

If you didn’t wear an item in the last 6 months or the last season it was designed for, such as a sweater you didn’t wear last winter, let it go. Formal and semi-formal attire is always an exception.

Try It On

If it is no longer in style, no longer fits, is no longer flattering, or the quality isn’t where it should be, let it go.


In addition to the downsize tips above, closet organization can create up to 50 percent more space. Invest in item-specific and space-saving hangers, organizational storage boxes, accessory organizers, hooks, and other tools to better utilize your closet space.

Here’s to clearing the clutter in your closet!

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