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Homeschool Without Being Their Teacher

Homeschool Without Being Their Teacher

If you live in an area of the country where schools remain closed due to COVID-19, you may be struggling to be both parent and teacher. Here is how to homeschool without being their teacher too.

Set Their Schedule

Even if all their study time is self-guided, help your child set their Mon thru Fri schedule. This includes their bedtime, what time they wake up, what time they begin, school, lunch, breaks, a dedicated time for each subject, live stream classes, extracurricular activities, and what time they end school for the day.

Learn And Utilize Their Resources

Even if there are few live stream classes, learn what resources are available when your student needs help. This might be emailing or instant messaging their teacher, online study groups, or group and solo tutoring. This alone can take a lot of your strain off.

Follow Up

While teaching their classes may not be in your wheelhouse, you will need to check-in each day to ensure all of their coursework was complete. This means checking their work and checking with the teachers to ensure they are on track.

Last but not least, encourage live stream group chats with friends and online extracurricular activities to keep learning fun and ensure your children stay engaged.

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