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Stop Resisting Change And Circumstances And Go With The Flow

Stop Resisting Change And Circumstances And Go With The Flow

We’ve all been there, and more are there during the pandemic than ever before. Change has turned our lives upside down. In an effort to minimize uncertainty, we invest all of our energy in trying to get things back to as close to normal as possible. But what if you stop resisting?

Your Resistance Blinds You

We all need time to process the shock of unexpected change. Unfortunately, instead of accepting what has changed, many of us create a plan of action to return to what is familiar. Even if things were not ideal before, they were comfortable. This resistance keeps us in denial instead of acceptance, often wasting valuable time and resources.

Going With The Flow

Initially, going with the flow may feel like giving up. That is because you are still at some level of denial that things have changed. Going with the flow opens you up to the opportunities that are right in front of you but can’t see because you’re too focused on the past. It also presents you with the opportunity to find a creative or out of the box solution that you wouldn’t have considered otherwise.

The sooner you can accept the sooner you can adapt and continue moving things forward.

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