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Transform Envy Into Action

Transform Envy Into Action

When you find yourself wanting the success, assertiveness, or even possessions someone else has, use your want to transform envy into action.

The Difference Between Jealousy And Envy

These two terms are often utilized interchangeably, but there is a defining difference. Jealousy is when you are worried someone will take what you have and envy is when you want what someone else has. So, the person or things that you are envious of can help you determine what you really want in life. This could be definable, such as being brave enough to live in authenticity or something a bit less specific such as having financial freedom.

Transform Envy Into Action

Instead of shaming yourself or shoving your envy down, sit in it for a bit. Grab a journal and write out what it is that you are envious of and how you believe your life would change if you had the same skills, ability, or resources. With some reflection, you might not actually envy what they possess, but how you would believe what they possess would change your life. Then, begin brainstorming a plan of action to how you can achieve what you want. The farther you have stuffed down your true desires, the more of a challenge it will be to see what steps to take—so reach out for help.

Don’t overwhelm yourself. Just do one thing every day to help you work towards your goals.

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