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Don’t Compare—Let The World Catch Up To You

Let The World Catch Up To You

It is easy to compare our thoughts, desires, and achievements to the status quo of our family, friends, community, culture, and country. When you find that what comes naturally is unique, don’t compare yourself to others—let the world catch up to you.

Thanks To Beyoncé

Musicians are artists who are examples of taking the road less traveled. As one of the most famous musicians in the world and a powerhouse of a businesswoman, take it from Queen B.

“Don’t try to lessen yourself for the world; let the world catch up to you.”

The Difference Between Belonging And Fitting In

Beyoncé is reminding us of the importance of being authentic. This can be tough if we don’t have a healthy support system, which is why it is important to find your tribe. Your tribe is the place you belong, without changing who you are. This doesn’t mean you and your tribe will always see eye to eye, but you support one another’s differences. Fitting in requires changing yourself to be more like a group and who they want you to be.

Everything Was Once Different

For some perspective, everything was once a road less traveled. It took brave and authentic trailblazers like YOU to encourage more to consider alternatives. At some point, roads less traveled become commonplace, so you are just ahead of the curve.

Here’s to being unapologetically you!

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