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Don’t Let All That Has Yet To Be Done Get You Down

Don’t Let All That Has Yet To Be Done Get You Down

Whether it’s your concerns about the environment, race equality, when the pandemic will end, how many more credits until you graduate, or any other group or personal goal—you must focus on progress. It will be more challenging some days than others, but you must not let all that has yet to be done get you down.

Write Out The Wins

It’s better if it’s on paper but write or type out achievements that are a step in the right direction. For example, if you have gone back to school focus on how many classes and credits you’ve completed. If you are beating yourself up because you made a few less than green choices, write out all the major green changes you’ve made. When we focus on the positive, we are more open to progressive ideas as we aren’t weighed down with the weight of all that is still left to achieve.

Find Your Tribe

Whether it’s friends or family members, community members you volunteer with, or an online group—find others who are in the same place and mindset as you. While you may live in different cities, countries, or states and be from all backgrounds and walks of life, having a group gets where you are and what you are working towards will help you feel more connected, engaged, and empowered. Together you can cheer one another on and brainstorm more ways to make your efforts faster, easier, and more effective.

Give yourself time to be down and out when you need it, just don’t stay stuck there.

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