Already Starting To Stress About The Upcoming Holidays?

Already Starting To Stress About The Upcoming Holidays

As October nears, holiday decorations are on display and we start confirming our holiday plans. Between COVID-19 and the ripple effect, including increased financial strain, you may have already started to stress about the upcoming holidays.

Talk It Out

Sit down with your partner or spouse and have an honest conversation about your biggest concerns and stressors. If your solo, talking it through with a friend can be helpful. For some, this will just be the usual holiday season stress, compounded by the pandemic—but for others, this will be more centered around the pandemic and ripple effect. Writing or typing out a list of concerns may be helpful.

Create A Plan

Implementing a plan will alleviate some of your stress, but the next step is to share your plans with your family. This conversation won’t be easy if it is not what family is hoping to hear, but you must do what feels comfortable, safe, and healthy for you or you and your family.

Find New Ways To Celebrate

Now it’s time to get creative and find ways to celebrate and make the holiday season a joyful celebration. This might mean sending out Christmas cards for the first time in years, making holiday crafts, baking, planning virtual holiday events, and more.

We’ve had enough stress this year, so let’s take a break this holiday season.

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