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How To Empower Others

How To Empower Others

You are a supportive friend, family member, and colleague, right? Most of us have never really considered how to empower others.

Connect And Engage

Too many of our daily interactions are on autopilot. From the way we greet our family in the morning to how we interact with the barista at the coffee shop, or day to day with our colleagues. So, make a conscious effort to be present and to connect and engage. Eliminate digital distractions. Listen with the intention to learn something new. Respond with authentic emotion, be honest, cheer them on, and follow up.

Invest Your Time

We know who we value most personally and professionally, but does the time you invest with others support your values? If not, it’s time to align your time with your intentions. This might mean taking an extra minute or two in daily exchanges that you may be tempted to rush. Or scheduling a weekly brunch with a friend. A weekly one-on-one with a colleague you’re mentoring. Schedule reminders to follow up on activities and events that are important to them, better yet—showing up for the activity or event.

There is nothing more valuable than time and who and how we spend it can make a world of difference—for others and for you!

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