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What Is Your Intention And What Is Your Why?

What Is Your Intention And What Is Your Why

Whether it’s a major goal, what you add to your schedule, and even the choices you make on autopilot in your everyday life—it’s time to start asking what is your intention and what is your why?

The Intention Might Not Be Yours

Sometimes the choices we make are related to societal or familial pressure. For example, do you really want to take your extreme workout class or go to the gym? While exercise is essential for whole-body health, you have the right to enjoy your workout activity. If walking, taking a dance class, hiking, or riding your bike are activities you enjoy—that’s how you should be maintaining your physical health.

The Why Might Not Be Yours

Sticking with the same example, the why may not be yours either. If you have set a goal to hit a specific number on the scale or fit into a set size, ask if this is about your intentions for physical health or is about a societal norm or familial pressure? You are not your body, and as Sonja Renee Taylor so eloquently writes in her book Your Body Is Not An Apology.

Fitness and weight loss are a common and easy example, but you should be asking what your intention and why are for everything you do each day.

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