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    Why Scrunchies Have Made A Comeback

    Why Scrunchies Have Made A Comeback

    As the saying goes, everything old is new again. You aren’t alone if all of a sudden you’ve seen women of every age and style wearing hair scrunchies. Here are a few reasons why scrunchies have made a comeback.

    They Are Elegant

    The new generation of hair scrunchies are made from satin or mulberry silk, like the one featured above from Eco Roots, so they feel elegant and refined instead of casual. Many designs are thinner than the previous generation, so they don’t have as much volume.

    They Are Gentle

    Hair elastics are required for a variety of hairstyles, both casual and formal. While they get the job done, they leave dents in your hair and increase the risk of breakage—especially if your hair is wet or it’s a hairstyle you wear often. With satin or silk you can create the same hairstyle without worry of dents or breakage.

    They Are Versatile

    Even if you don’t wear scrunchies often they are something you can wear to pull your hair back while you wash your face, workout, sleep, or to elevate an otherwise casual ponytail.

    Consider ordering them in a variety of colors, either to match your hair color or create a pop of color.

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