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Bee’s Essential Role In The Circle Of Life

Bee’s Essential Role In The Circle Of Life

We all play a role in the circle of life, sometimes positive, sometimes destructive. However, the bee’s essential role in the circle of life is one we cannot live without. Small but mighty, here are a few reasons why we must all be more mindful of our bees.

Pollinating Our Crops

There are other pollinating insects but none more effective than bees, which germinate plants providing us with breathtaking plants and flowers. Many of the plants and flowers they pollinate are a food source for wildlife, but they pollinate many of the crops humans and farmed animals require to thrive. Technically we can pollinate but the process would be highly time-consuming, astronomically driving up food costs.

Our Bees Are Dying

A condition referred to as Colony Collapse Disorder began in 2006 and is on the rise in many countries around the globe. CCD refers to the unexplainable phenomenon of most (if not all) of the worker bees abandoning the hive—leaving behind the queen bee, larva, and honey. If this trend continues it could reduce our crops and livestock feed by an alarming rate, causing global food shortages.

You can support bees in a variety of ways, including getting your own hive. Also, check for local non-profits that support bees and the environment as a whole.

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