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3 Tips For Developing Your Eco-Chic Style

3 Tips For Developing Your Eco-Chic Style

Yes, you can maintain your signature style and adopt green habits for purchasing your clothing and accessories. Here are 3 tips for eco-chic style.

Shop Responsible Brands

Yes, you can still purchase new articles of clothing. The key is in identifying brands who are aligned with your eco-friendly goals. Look for brands who use natural fibers such as cotton, bamboo, linen, wool, and hemp. Also, consider what they use to color and dye their clothing, and if they utilize sustainable shipping. Finally, check to ensure they are ethical in manufacturing.

Shop Local Designers

Any time you shop local you minimize your carbon footprint. Just look and you are sure to find at least a few designers who are environmentally conscious. Not only will you be supporting a local artist, but you will find clothing that is unique to you. If not a local designer, look on Etsy for eco-designers. Yes, this includes those who upcycle clothing.

Thrift And Swap

Thrift and luxury consignment stores should of course be part of the mix, but don’t forget to swap. There is a rise in swap websites and brick and mortar stores, so explore your local options. And don’t forget how fun it is to throw a swap party with friends.

Here’s to saying goodbye to fast fashion!

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