How To Make Your Home Feel Luxurious

How To Make Your Home Feel Luxurious

You can make your home look and feel luxurious without the hefty price tag. If you keep your eye out you can find almost everything you need at Marshalls, Home Goods, TJ Maxx, and Target. Don’t forget to shop sales.

  1. Add more texture to your rooms, such as faux fur, faux, leather, and knits. For example, a faux fur area rug, or a cozy chunky knit throw blanket.
  2. Add lux throw pillows in silk, sequins, weaving, or standout patterns and prints.
  3. Create decorative groupings of vases and accessories in silver and gold.
  4. Add light to the room with light-reflecting accents such as mirrors, crystal vases, or decorative lamps.
  5. Add fresh flowers to your vases or invest in silk flowers that look real. Just wait for the next sale at Michaels.
  6. Repot your plants in stark white, silver, or lux planters.
  7. Replace your dining room chandelier with something more luxurious.
  8. Reframe photos, posters, and artwork with mats to elevate their look—no need to invest in full framing. Purchase a frame at least 2 inches larger on all sides, then bring the art and frame to a framer and they will cut a mat to size.
  9. Repaint or add a temporary wall decal or wallpaper to at least one of your walls.
  10. Upgrade your window treatments.

Here’s to lux on a budget!

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