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Transforming Your Pain Into Purpose

Transforming Your Pain Into Purpose

Pain can give you a powerful perspective. I’m not suggesting that you try to find the bright side of painful experiences, but that you transform your pain into purpose

Learn Your Boundaries

Many of us grew up with painful and unhealthy family patterns. Use what is painful to determine the contrast, therefore determining where you draw the proverbial line. Setting boundaries takes practice and there is a fine line between setting a boundary and creating a barrier. Focus on what is ok and what is not ok. It might sound something like, “It’s ok for you to express your difference of opinion, it’s not ok for you to scream or use demeaning language.”

Learn To Heal

The process of healing takes work and time. Along the way, you will learn a lot about yourself, including how resilient you are. As you learn to heal and let go, you will be able to identify what lessons you have learned. This includes how to set boundaries, how to help others, and what in your life today isn’t supporting your mind, body, and spiritual balance. You are likely to improve your communication skills as you learn to heal.

Pain is inevitable but you don’t have to own it or let it control your life.

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