If Black Eyeliner Is Too Bold For You

If Black Eyeliner Is Too Bold For You

Eyeliner frames your eyes and makes them pop. Black is the most popular eyeliner color, but if black eyeliner is too bold for you try the tips below.

Choose A Lighter Color

You can always choose a pop of color that contrasts with your eye, but if bold is not the goal—go lighter. Start with a charcoal grey or chocolate brown, but if those are still too dark try a light grey or tan brown. Or use a white or beige liner to open and brighten your eyes.

Try Gel Liner

For an ultra-thin line switch to gel eyeliner. The key to mastering this technique is investing in a gel liner brush that allows you to create a paper-thin line. With a thin line, you may not mind using a black liner.

Tight Line Or Waterline

Instead of lining the outer lid, tight line the waterline. This will take some practice to master, but this video is helpful. If you have sensitive eyes waterlining may not be right for you.

Lift And Tint Your Lashes

Adding falsies, lash extensions, or lifting and tinting your lashes is another way to make your eyes pop. I prefer a lift and tint because it lasts for about 6 weeks, and eliminates the need for mascara—and the dreaded raccoon eye from smudging.

Don’t forget to remove your makeup every evening. Use a cotton round with coconut oil to dissolve your eye makeup.

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