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Do Pescatarians Eat Seafood Daily?

Do Pescatarians Eat Seafood Daily

It’s easy to assume that pescatarians eat seafood daily, but many don’t. Whether you want to learn more or are considering shifting your diet—here’s what you need to know.

Many Transitioned From Vegan And Vegetarian Diets

Whether for health or environmental reasons, many who transition to vegan and vegetarian diets find that the diet as-is doesn’t quite work for them. Either they struggle to get enough protein and essential nutrients found only in meat and seafood, or they genuinely miss seafood. Pescatarian diets are often heavy in plant-based foods, with seafood reserved for 3 days a week or less. Pescatarian diets are also easier while traveling than vegan and vegetarian diets.

The Rise In Mercury Poisoning

Pescatarians must be mindful of heavy metal poisoning, particularly mercury poisoning that finds its way into the oceans from burnt fossil fuel runoff. So, it is suggested to limit seafood to 3 servings per week. However, there is an increasing number of brands that provide farm-raised, mercury-free seafood options. With careful meal planning, this can reduce the risk of consuming too many heavy metals. Pescatarians can also add heavy metal cleansing foods to their diet.

Here’s to finding a nutritious, delicious, and filling meal plan that works for you!

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