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Does Your Life Have Meaning?

Does Your Life Have Meaning

Prioritizing happiness continues to be a popular trend and mindset shift, but as you expand your awareness and embrace authentic living—you must also consider if your life is fulfilling. Does your life have meaning and purpose?

Happiness Does Not Equal Meaning

The things that make us happy can be meaningful but are often based more on pleasure and joy. Make no mistake, pleasure and joy are essential, but we must aim for balance. Activities that have meaning and purpose make us feel a sense of accomplishment or a contribution to someone or something beyond ourselves. The key is in finding meaningful outlets that feel natural and that make you happy. For example, volunteering weekly at a food kitchen or at an annual Cancer walk can be very meaningful experiences. They are also an excellent place to meet new people.

Personal Growth

Meaningful experiences often include connecting with others but can also include your personal growth. This might be a mix of reading self-help books, listening to podcasts, taking an online course, talk therapy, yoga, meditation, spiritual development, making healthy lifestyle shifts, and more. While geared toward self-improvement, as you prioritize health and healing you will better connect with others.

Here’s to finding your purpose and meaning!

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