Are You Getting Enough Calcium?

Are You Getting Enough Calcium

The average person doesn’t get all the essential vitamins and nutrients they require in their daily diet, which is why you should consider supplements. With a minimum of 1,000 milligrams per day for men and women, it’s time to consider if you are getting enough calcium.

Check Your Multivitamin

Surprisingly, many multivitamins don’t contain calcium, and most that do only contain a small fraction of your daily intake. After you consider the factors below, you can determine if you want to add a calcium supplement to your daily routine. For example, calcium and vitamin D to help with absorption, or if you take Calm magnesium at night to sleep, switch to the calcium magnesium option. As always, be mindful of sugar content.

Check Your Dairy

Next, you want to look at your daily diet to determine how much calcium you consume. From your breakfast cereal and milk to your morning latte, cheese, yogurt, soy products, and more. Determine your daily average then infuse more calcium-fortified food items or calcium-rich snacks. For example, calcium-fortified non-dairy milk or an afternoon yogurt. Maintain a daily average with your diet and supplement the difference—but try to get the primary amount from food sources.

Your body needs calcium for your bones, teeth, muscles, and brain so make sure you are getting enough!

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