Give Back This Year Instead Of Giving Gifts

Give Back This Year Instead Of Giving Gifts

Few things in 2020 have gone as planned. Many communities around the nation and across the globe continue to social distance. This may have you rethinking how you can help others this holiday season. Instead of giving gifts this year, give back instead.

Donate Your Time

Food banks, shelters, and a variety of non-profits around the globe are experiencing unprecedented levels of demand. They are in need of live volunteers, of which many positions can be completed while social distancing—such as delivering food, supplies, and gifts.

Donate Supplies, Gifts, And Cash

In addition to, or instead of donating your time, donate supplies, gifts, and cash. You don’t have to give much to have an impact and you may be able to give items and supplies that you already have around the house but aren’t using. Many families will skip gifts this year, draw names, or give an inexpensive gift—and donate the rest of what they would typically spend.

Reach Out To Those You Know

In addition to non-profits, reach out to those you know. You may have friends and family who are struggling financially and who are uncomfortable to ask. You could purchase gifts for their kids, turkey dinner essentials, or gift certificates so that they can purchase what they need.

Together we will make it through the pandemic.

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