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November 2020

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    Plant-Based Diet Alternatives

    Plant-Based Diet Alternatives

    If going all-in is a bit too much for you, try one of these plant-based alternatives. They support your goals for plant-based living and being more environmentally conscious—but mix back in the foods you love.

    Keep Dairy In Your Diet

    If your love for yogurt, cheese, real butter, ice cream, milk, or other dairy products leaves you feeling unfulfilled—don’t give up dairy. This is more of a vegetarian approach and an easier option when you are traveling.


    One meal a day (OMD) refers to eating just one plant-based meal per day, but make it work for you, maybe eating meat and dairy only one meal each day. Or once or twice a week. Or only on holidays, special occasions, or when at your favorite restaurant. This way you won’t feel as restricted and can still eat your favorite foods.


    If you enjoy seafood or are having a difficult time getting your daily protein content, adding fish and seafood to the mix may help. Be mindful that it’s suggested to eat seafood 3 times per week due to the risk of mercury poisoning. However, you can find farm-raised fish and seafood brands that offer heavy metal-free options.

    Here’s to your health!

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